Therapeutic Services

Surgical Assessments

Dr. Meshberg performs psychological assessments for a variety of surgeries, including bariatric surgery and elective surgery (such as cosmetic surgeries). These assessments ensure that the patient is aware of how life-changing the experience might be, and this awareness will determine the patients' ability to follow through, perhaps for a lifetime committment.

One of my specialties is conducting psychological evaluation for all types of bariatric surgeries, including gastric banding, lap band, gastric bypass, roux-en-y, duodenal switch. My assessments are accepted by insurance companies.

If you are unable to come to my office, I can do a video or telephone assessment. During the assessment, I will give you a greater understanding of the reality of surgery and the life long commitment helping you to have a more successful outcome. Please feel free to call or email me for more information.

Employee Assistance Programs

Governmental and private sector employers use Employee Assistance Programs to keep a valuable employee from quitting or going on disability for a period of time. Dr. Meshberg assists the employees in preventing personal or professional problems from interfering with their work or private lives.


Public: Dr. Meshberg assesses people for county Superior Courts. He determines whether they are competent to stand trial, or are not guilty by reason of insanity.

Private: In private forensic consultations, Dr. Meshberg assesses defendants as requested by their attorney in such areas as substance abuse, child molestation, and other areas of concern.


Therapy is a generic term used to describe the application of any medical, psychiatric, psychological, or alternative designed to promote health and well-being. Therapy is a significant part of Dr. Meshberg's practice and includes child, adolescent, adult, and geriatric therapy in an individual, conjoint, or group setting.